Breakfast with Mayor Mick Cornett August 12, 2018 – Posted in: Uncategorized

As a new business owner, you are always excited for new opportunities to meet and connect with leaders within our wonderful community. However, when I received an email from Tammy Fate with the OKC Greater Chamberof Commerce one memorable morning, I was surprised by the invitation to meet and have breakfast with our Mayor!

At this point The Black Scintilla had only been open for four months and I was astonished that Tammy even knew about my boutique.  The email from Mrs. Fate was incredibly sweet and made me feel so honored.  What better way to start your day, right!?!  So I quickly responded with a YES!

The morning of September 3rd came around very quickly.  As I made my way up to the third floor of the Colcord Hotel, I was quickly greeted by Tammy and thereafter introduced to several other Chamber of Commerce board members, such as Roy Williams President & CEO.  As we sipped our coffee and mingled with all other attendees, the Mayor arrived.  We said our hello’s and then selected our breakfast from the buffet.  Breakfast was to be very casual (as casual as one can be with the Mayor) so there was no assigned seating.  As we indulged in the delicious meal prepared for us, Mr. Cornett began speaking about various projects that were currently underway across OKC.  One in particular that I am very excited about are the new trolley cars!  He also spoke about some new upcoming projects that would really add to our ever expanding community.  Several of the attendees, including myself, asked various questions and the Mayor was so wonderful to hear everyone out and answer each question very thoroughly.

Then the Mayor flipped the scripts on us and wanted to hear from each of us as to what we do and how we are connected to the City.  We individually went around the table introducing ourselves and briefly talking.  So many of the attendees present were with large companies such as Wendell Steward with Braum’s, Don Cox President of OFS and Dave King CEO of Exaptive.  Each person gave a great introduction and held us captive to their expansive business knowledge.  Then came my turn . . .

As the attention turned toward me, I started to become nervous.  I was the only female guest in attendance and not only that, I was the only person that has one employee . . . myself!!!  I joked that surely Tammy must have sent me the email inviting me to breakfast by mistake!  Haha I spoke of my upbringing in OK from the age of three, my time spent earning my education at OSU and UCO, and my various travels abroad to study design.  Then three years ago I had decided to move out of state where I eventually opened a business.  But after being gone the short amount of time, it quickly made me realize just how amazing OKC and its people truly are.  So, because of that I packed my bags and on January 29th, 2015 I drove my U-Haul back into OKC.   With a lot of hard work and even more determination, I opened the doors to The Black Scintilla three months later.

I was honored to not only be invited to meet such an impressive group of people, but so humbled to be able to tell my story.  That morning I was reminded that no matter the size of your business is or how long you’ve been operating, we can all learn from one another and work together to build the OKC community.

My deepest appreciation to Tammy Fate for the invitation.  Thank you for your kindness and all of the hard work you and the wonderful Chamber of Commerce board members are doing in OKC.