Full Pleated Skirt

Skirt obsession!  These beauties are not only beautiful, but extremely comfortable.


 The fabric is very light weight, which makes it perfect for these hot temperatures.  One of the most common questions I receive is "how do you wear it?"  And the answer is "so many different ways!"  Pair it with a blouse in either a pattern or solid for a classic office look or throw on a vintage rock t-shirt and a pair of Converse and you have a super trendy look.

This skirt also travels great! I was in Chicago this past weekend and the full pleated skirt in white, was a MUST have in my suitcase.  While enjoying a little Sunday brunch at Ralph Lauren's restaurant with my best friend Brandon, I paired it with a solid black spaghetti strap tank and a black pair of heels.  I then layered on one of our black elastic belts featuring a large gold buckle.  Such a simple, sleek, classic look.

How will you wear your full pleated skirt? Click here to order!