Grand Opening Party Thank You Letter

Grand Opening Party Thank You Letter

Ughhhhh I am finally beginning this whole "blogging" process.  First of all I have to be very honest and tell you that I do not consider myself a writer, let alone a blogger, in any form or fashion.  Trust me, my grade school report cards speak for themselves in the "Language" category.


Nonetheless my graphic designer has convinced me that this is something I need to and CAN do!  So, like most everything in my life, I'll give it a try!

The first thing that is near and dear to my heart and what really actually inspired me to start blogging is YOU. The BS opened doors on Tuesday, April 7th and I was welcomed to Midtown with open arms, lots of hugs and numerous visits from dear friends.

The Party

The following Saturday, April 11th was the Grand Opening Party!  I really wanted to throw this party because - who doesn't like a party??? - and as a way to show the store to my family and friends who had been supporting me for the past several months.  With a few posts to social media and word of mouth, the rsvp's began rolling in to the website.  I was so thrilled when 100 of you rsvp'd!  Keep in mind these were people I didn't know! We all know our own family and friends don't rsvp to our own events ;). But with each email alert going off, my anticipation and bewilderment grew.  The reservations continued to flood in even minutes before the party actually started!!

Thirty minutes before opening the doors to the party, a guest tried to come in.  She was so excited to be there, but I told her we just weren't ready.  She was very understanding and trotted around the corner of the building. I thought she simply went to go wait in her car until opening time.  Twenty minutes later my photographer for the event (Rachel Apple) came and found me to tell me that a line of guests had formed outside!  I started laughing because I knew that she was just being goofy . . . until my dad went outside to take a look.  He came back in and informed me that there were 75 people waiting outside!!!  I was in disbelief!  We quickly finished pulling together the last finishing touches and opened those doors.

You all began to stream in one right after the other.  Each and every guest was so happy and excited to be in MY little store.  I can not tell you how touching that moment truly was.  The kind words, encouragement, smiles, and laughter from the minute those doors opened was truly infectious.  A person expects to hear those types of things from their family and friends, however, I did not expect to hear that from guests I didn't even know.

As a dreamer/designer I plan for hours on end and overanalyze every detail until I annoy myself.  I've stayed up countless nights exhausting my brain about the most ridiculous things: reflected ceiling plans, the perfect shade of white, how to best display a ring or my beloved tissue paper drawer.  But in the end none of it means anything if YOU don't visit the store or don't enjoy your experience.

The party was scheduled to end at 10pm and because there were nearly 400 guests in attendance, the party did not end until nearly 11!  All week leading up to the event I thought the place would probably die down around 9, we'd clean up a little and then go on our way.  So when I looked at the clock and saw that people were still enjoying themselves way past ten, I was once again shocked!

Feeling The Love

As Oklahoman's we all know the numerous benefits of supporting local businesses. I wanted my first blog to be a thank you to each and every one of you that not only attended the grand opening party, but to those of you who have visited my little store, follow the BS on social media, have left sweet comments and have told your own friends and family about the store.  To me THAT is supporting local businesses.  I have personally been an avid supporter of the "keep it local" movement for years, however, I never thought what that would look and feel like from a business owner's perspective. Owning your own business is never easy, but doing that in this state is the BEST feeling imaginable.  I am beyond grateful for the overflowing show of love and support.

Thank you to all of our wonderful tote bag donors!


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